Who supports us?

Who supports us?

Your organization exists because of purpose. Your organization succeeds because of people. Your organization thrives because of passion. But your organization requires support to make an impact.

From financial support to volunteer time to in-kind donations, someone is supporting your mission and your work.

What do you know about your supporters?

Do you know who your supporters are?

Do you know why your supporters chose your organization?

Do you know where your supporters learned about your work?

Do you know when your supporters found a connection with your mission?

Do you know what resonates with your supporters?

Do you know how to retain your supporters — and to attract others who share their interests?

Maybe these questions are irrelevant. With a busy staff, limited capacity, and genuine lack of interest, your organization may not be focused on such things. As long you’re supported, that’s good enough, no?

Or maybe, just maybe, you want to know something about the community that supports you.

Maybe, you realize that your organization’s impact and influence extends beyond its programs and services.

Maybe, your organization now recognizes each contact and each connection as an investment with value and potential.

And maybe, your mission and goals require the insights and perspectives available by the people and institutions who care about your organization, to the point that they commit time, money, and advocacy towards you.

Your supporters are a reflection of your organization, and extension of your organization’s work. Make time and space to know your supporter community.

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