Under the Hood: The Mechanics of Fundraising Copy [Heroic Fundraising / TrueSense]

“Just as brand marketing, advertising, online content, and other marketing disciplines have all developed their own copy styles, syntax, and formats, fundraising uses unique copywriting and design techniques as well, which have proven successful over decades of experience and continue to be refined as channels and donor behaviors evolve.” https://www.truesense.com/blog/under-the-hood-the-mechanics-of-fundraising-copy

Three Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Become a Better Fundraiser [Fired Up Fundraising]

“Emotional intelligence means – among other things – that you have high social and personal competence. You understand your own reactions to situations, and you are aware of other people’s feelings and reactions. It’s an attribute of the most highly skilled leaders – and major gift fundraisers.” https://www.gailperry.com/emotional-intelligence-can-help-you-become-a-better-fundraiser/