“So, we’ll make it work…”

“So, we’ll make it work…”

The time will come when your organization can offer its capacity, its expertise, or its resources to another organization. Whether it receives the request, or makes the request, your organization wants to make the best decision for itself.

Organizations, much like people, cannot guarantee every possible outcome or anticipate every potential challenge.

Good, solid working relationships do not happen instantaneously. Every group makes an upfront investment of time, attention and enthusiasm. That investment needs space to start, grow, evolve, and adjust.

Ideally all participants understand the nature of their respectives commitments. They accept their roles and responsibilities. They express genuine enthusiasm for moving forward together.

But all parties still need assurances that their efforts will be worth all the work involved. Each participant requires a sense of certainty that all commitments are respected and honored.

How does your organization make its relationships work for sustained impact?

  • It embraces its own worth and value.
  • It is aware of its own limitations.
  • It knows what it expects from itself and others.
  • It understands the needs and interests of its prospective partners.
  • It appreciates and respects the cultures of other groups.
  • It builds trust through understanding.
  • It articulates shared goals and a common vision in a consistent manner.
  • It commits to a process for assessing progress and evaluating success.
  • It plans for risk as much as reward.
  • It adopts promising practices gained through working together.
  • It communicates its concerns in an honest, open, and timely way.
  • It respects other perspectives.
  • It adapts to change.

In each of its working relationships, your organization’s needs and wants matter. This is true at every stage, under every circumstance, regardless of influence or persuasion.

Some opportunities will be better than others. No option will ever be perfect or easy. Each situation deserves as much time and thought as possible.

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