Program Strategy + Capacity Building

Social impact organizations rely on solid strategy and planning to ensure stability throughout challenging times. Donors, funders, grantmakers, and supporters expect mission-driven / purpose-driven organizations to apply good ideas and vital resources in an effective and efficient manner.

Planning requires awareness of past successes, current capacities. and future goals in a manner that reflects an organization’s reality. Planning also requires organizations to adapt to change without sacrificing the quality of their services.

We provide program development and strategy planning for NGOs and social impact organizations.

Services include:

  • review organization strategy plans
  • analyze current programs
  • examine program needs
  • deliver effective impact reporting
  • identify potential resource options and support opportunities

We also partner with foundations, donors, grantmakers, and philanthropy networks to empower grantee organizations towards greater operational and programmatic sustainability.

Other Services
Fundraising + Resource Planning | English Language Coaching