Development & Fundraising Services

Social impact organizations are beacons of hope, optimism, and stability amid change and uncertainty. But the path to creating real and meaningful differences is often marked by the challenges and constraints of limited time and resources, shifting priorities and expectations, and ever-increasing needs and demands.

Business English for Social Impact offers comprehensive fundraising and development consulting services designed to address the unique needs of busy social impact organizations. Whether you require ongoing support or targeted assistance for specific projects, we’re here to collaborate with you on your journey towards stability, growth, and sustainability.

Regular Consulting: Our regular consulting services provide organizations with continuous support and guidance in all aspects of fundraising and development. This option involves a deeper level of engagement, including:

  • Reviewing past fundraising efforts and current development plans
  • Identifying existing and emerging funding sources
  • Grant writing, proposal writing, and application submission
  • Developing comprehensive plans for stability and growth
  • Providing ongoing support with reporting and other communications required for funding/grant compliance

Fractional Consulting: For organizations seeking targeted expertise on a part-time or project-specific basis, our fractional consulting services offer a flexible solution. This option is ideal for organizations looking to supplement their internal resources or address specific fundraising and development needs. Fractional consulting services may include:

  • Reviewing specific aspects of past fundraising efforts or current development plans
  • Identifying focused funding opportunities tailored to organizational goals
  • Providing targeted support with grant writing, proposal development, and application submission
  • Offering strategic advice and guidance on short-term initiatives or projects

At Business English for Social Impact, we’re committed to helping our clients expand their resource channels in alignment with their organizational goals, values, and budgets. Whether you choose regular consulting for ongoing support or fractional consulting for targeted assistance, our goal remains the same: to deliver results that fit your unique needs and interests.

All services are delivered in English.

Empowering NGOs and social enterprises through development communication for stability, development, and growth in Central and Eastern Europe (and beyond).

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