Business English for NGOs

Rates + Fees

Before any client work starts, we take time to identify the core expectations, desired time frame, and budget requirements. From there, we can determine options that best fit each client’s unique needs.

Contact us to schedule a consultation or let us know your questions.

General Consultations Professional insights on existing programs, current funding opportunities, or upcoming project ideas. CZK 1 000 per hour EUR 40 per hour USD 45 per hour
Program Evaluation / Proposal Review Expert-level feedback on organizational development, program strategy, and proposals for funding. CZK 1 200 per hour EUR 45 per hour USD 55 per hour
Proposal / Grant Writing English language writing for grant applications and funding proposals CZK 1 200 per hour EUR 45 per hour USD 55 per hour
Development Planning Development options, fundraising strategies, and capacity building resources. CZK 1 500 per hour EUR 60 per hour USD 65 per hour
Individual Coaching Sessions English language coaching and communications training, according to professional interests and business needs. CZK 2 000 per hour EUR 75 per hour USD 90 per hour
Small Group Trainings (half-day / full-day) Based on client needs and interests CZK 6 000 / 12 000 EUR 225 / 450 USD 250 / 500
Full Organization Workshops (half-day / full day) Based on client needs and interests CZK 10 000 / 20 000 EUR 380 / 760 USD 450 / 900