So what’s (y)our story?

Social impact is more than a buzzword or catchphrase. It’s a core value that shapes who we are, speaks to our hopes, reflects our talents and skills, and powers meaningful and substantive change. In a world where following your passion and instincts sparks a journey towards meaningful action, this is where my story finds its roots. 📜 

I grew up in a home where community vibes and chasing your dreams were on equal footing with academics. My family also emphasized civic engagement, social awareness, and connecting to something larger than yourself. And speaking up and acting on the issues that matter to you. From my university days to inspiring adventures around the world, it’s been quite a ride. I’m now expanding my narrative by living and working in purposeful and mindful ways which align with my values and principles.

By helping NGOs, social enterprises, and nonprofits, I can offer my experience and skills in ways that yield positive impact and sustainable change for others. I also embrace opportunities to learn from others. My efforts through Business English for Social Impact is one step in an ongoing professional and personal journey towards these goals.

So now you know my story. I’m eager to learn yours. The ups, the downs, the moments that make you who you are and your organization and team committed to making change. Share the sparks that light up your world – your goals, your dreams, your challenges, and your ideas for moving forward. Let’s share perspectives and create a narrative of change and progress together. 👥

Ryan Turner, Business English for Social Impact

Empowering NGOs and social enterprises through development communication for stability, development, and growth in Central and Eastern Europe (and beyond).

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