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  • Comfortably unfocused

    Organizations often find comfort in sticking to what has historically worked. While established, safe, and stable practices should not be abandoned, it’s important to avoid complacency. Too frequently, warning signs are ignored, opportunities overlooked, and potential support rejected. Warning signs manifest through irregular communication with supporters or neglecting shifts in their interests. Overlooking opportunities involves…


  • Revisting “Democracy at Work: Nonprofit Use of Internet Technology for Public Policy Purposes” 25 Years Later

    In December 1998, I had the honor of serving as the lead author on a report titled Democracy at Work: Nonprofit Use of Technology for Public Policy Purposes during my tenure as the coordinator the Nonprofit Policy and Technology Project housed at OMB Watch. So much has changed in the 25 years since that report. Many of…


  • Working together strategically

    The social impact sector is dynamic and multifaceted. Organizations increasingly recognize the power of partnership and collaboration as a means to amplify their collective influence. By partnering with like-minded entities, they can combine resources, expertise, and networks to achieve advocacy goals more efficiently. Collaborations can take various forms, from joint campaigns to shared research initiatives,…


  • Hard to fund

    While many causes and issues may appear more attractive in terms of funding and public support, other causes can seem more “difficult to fund” than others. The funding landscape for social impact organizations is influenced by a variety of factors, including public sentiment, emotional appeal, visibility, and measurability. Issues that are obscure, complex, or lack…


  • Support means more than you think

    Organizations inherently merit the funding and support they receive. Dedicating time and space to attract, retain, and nurture this support reinforces this underlying value. A clear perspective on organizational worth, impact, and priorities serves as the driving force. This practice encourages organizations to cultivate and enhance their capabilities, fostering greater impact over a longer timeframe.…


  • Unlocking and unpacking insights

    Time is a precious resource for everyone. With a deluge of online information from an ever-increasing range of sources, finding meaningful reflections on what truly works can feel like an uphill task. Yet social impact leaders and teams seeking to maximize their effectiveness will continue to desire knowledge and perspectives from other organizations. Doing so…


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