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  • Appreciation counts

    Dear impact orgs— a quick reminder about donors and funders. Donors are looking for some love and appreciation from you. When someone gives, they want to feel good about it. It’s like a warm fuzzy feeling, you know? So, don’t just say thanks once with a cut-and-paste email message and call it a day. Keep…


  • What are the main types of funding for social impact organizations?

    Non-governmental organizations, social enterprises, and nonprofits have a range of basic funding options to consider when starting or sustaining their work. The following is a brief outline of those options. Each option outlined above has its own benefits and challenges. A range of variations also exist within each option. Some options may also involved a…


  • Three forces for good

    Charity, volunteering, and philanthropy are essential players in the broader quest for a better world, each with their unique style and powers. Charity generally involves providing assistance and support to individuals, communities or stakeholder audiences facing need, crisis, or emergency. This can include direct service provision in addition to solutions that help position beneficiaries to…


  • Planning for support

    In the realm of nonprofits and social enterprises and NGOs, financial support plays a pivotal role alongside the dedication of volunteers. Without support of all kinds, social impact does not happen. Organizations aiming for social impact can hope for serendipity, but must plan with risk and uncertainty as a constant potential. Adequate planning as a…


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