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  • Enigma stigma

    Too often, there’s a prevailing misconception that NGOs and social enterprises operate in mysterious or secretive ways because they don’t follow the traditional business or government models. This misunderstanding can lead to skepticism, if not outright distrust, from the general public. While they might not generate profits like businesses or provide services in the same…


  • Dry, dry, dry

    The dry spell. It happens to every organization. The anguish when no one is donating to your efforts. The dread when no funder isssues a call for applications or request for proposals that fits your needs. Let’s be honest: Developing a pipeline of resources which guarantees a continuous flow of support is a challenge. Funding…


  • International grantmakers and foreign NGOs moving forward together

    For NGOs, the world of international grantmaking can feel overwhelming if not intimidating. The level of requirements and amount of paperwork often frustrates good groups from exploring potentially useful international funding sources. A further complication arises when foreign NGOs are asked to demonstrate their eligibility for funding in accordance with the laws and regulations of…


  • NGO Leadership Workshop 2023 recap

    Huge congratulations and deepest thanks Hekima + William Davidson Institute + University of Michigan Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia for providing this amazing experience to so many incredible social impact, civil society, and social economy leaders. We were honored to participate in this unique program for a second year a trainer. The time +…


  • Comfortably unfocused

    Organizations often find comfort in sticking to what has historically worked. While established, safe, and stable practices should not be abandoned, it’s important to avoid complacency. Too frequently, warning signs are ignored, opportunities overlooked, and potential support rejected. Warning signs manifest through irregular communication with supporters or neglecting shifts in their interests. Overlooking opportunities involves…


  • Revisting “Democracy at Work: Nonprofit Use of Internet Technology for Public Policy Purposes” 25 Years Later

    In December 1998, I had the honor of serving as the lead author on a report titled Democracy at Work: Nonprofit Use of Technology for Public Policy Purposes during my tenure as the coordinator the Nonprofit Policy and Technology Project housed at OMB Watch. So much has changed in the 25 years since that report. Many of…


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