What’s our BHAG*?

So what is the BHAG at Business English for Social Impact? Well, our BHAG has two parts:

(1) To expand the range of resource opportunities available to social impact organizations in Central Europe and Eastern Europe

(2) To increase the social, cultural, and economic understanding of the importance and value of social impact services within (and beyond) the region.

Unlike vision statement, BHAGs are riskier but ultimately more impactful. They shift focus to the bigger picture, pulling people out of short-term thinking.

BHAGs are intentionally large-scale, bold, and high-stakes items. They serve as fuel for long-term success by exciting and energizine people. They also provide a foundational cornerstone to achieve something purposeful and meaningful for the future.

A well-thought-out BHAG should have a better-than-50% chance of success and a time frame of at least ten years. So we’re going to keep aiming high while working hard on the ground to achieve good things all around.

Empowering NGOs and social enterprises through development communication for stability, development, and growth in Central and Eastern Europe (and beyond).

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