Lockdown for Independent Media? [n-ost, FES Budapest]

Lockdown for Independent Media? [n-ost, FES Budapest]

“The press researches and communicates facts, presents different points of view and in this way helps orient societies through the crisis period. Unhindered access to (government) information is an important basis for their reporting. When this access is restricted, the role of the media is undermined.

In Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe, where independent journalism has long been in decline and media pluralism is under threat, this danger is particularly acute.

Even though demand for news and information has soared since the outbreak of the COVID–19 pandemic, there were already indications quite early on of a collapse in media marketing and advertising revenues. Fears were soon voiced that the crisis posed an existential threat to financially vulnerable critical media, and that it would further accelerate market concentration among media moguls who pursue political interests.”

Effects of the COVID–19 pandemic on the media landscape and press freedom in Central and Southeast Europe
n-ost, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Budapest
2 July 2020

Working Paper

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