Erasmus+ Sport 2019

Due Date: 4.4 2019. Support available for activities aiming to develop the European dimension in sport by promoting cooperation between bodies responsible for sports through (1) Collaborative Partnerships; (2) Small Collaborative Partnerships; and (3) Not-for-profit European sport events.

The Programme promotes the creation and development of European networks, providing opportunities for cooperation among stakeholders and the exchange and transfer of knowledge and know-how in different areas relating to sport and physical activity.

The Programme also supports Actions to strengthen the evidence base for policy making (studies, data gathering, surveys, etc.), to promote the dialogue with relevant European stakeholders (the EU Sport Forum, EU Presidency events, conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.).

Ultimately, sport projects supported through Erasmus+ should lead to increased levels of participation in sport, physical activity and voluntary activity.

The actions in the field of sport are expected to contribute to the implementation of the European Week of Sport, which is an initiative launched by the Commission to promote sport and physical activity in the European Union, in the light of declining participation levels. As from 2017, the European Week of Sport takes place from 23 to 30 September. Apart from the activities organised by the European Commission, Member States will organise national activities and coordinate local ones.

Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-20201. The Erasmus+ Programme is designed to support Programme Countries’ efforts to efficiently use the potential of Europe’s talent and social assets in a lifelong learning perspective, linking support to formal, non-formal and informal learning throughout the education, training and youth fields. The Programme also enhances the opportunities for cooperation and mobility with Partner Countries, notably in the fields of higher education and youth.
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