Call for Proposals: NGO Small Grants [U.S. Embassy Slovenia]

Due Date: 6.8 2018. The Embassy continues to offer grants for well-conceived and managed projects that strengthen the civil society sector and address societal concerns. Eligible topics for projects are broadly defined to include democracy and human rights, security and foreign policy issues, economic and civic development, and support for regional stability in Southeastern Europe.

For this grant period, consideration will be given to project proposals focusing on the following themes:

  • Integration of Refugees and Migrants, Respect for Diversity, and Multiculturalism
  • Anti-corruption, Good Governance, and Transparency
    Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Economic Prosperity, and Promotion of Free Trade
  • Environment, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
    Energy Security and Diversification
  • International Security, Counter-terrorism, and Defense Issues
  • Human Rights (LGBT, Disabilities, Women’s Empowerment, Minority Populations)
  • Youth Engagement, Volunteerism and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Responsible and Independent Media
  • Regional Cooperation and Integration of the countries of SE Europe into Trans-Atlantic institutions

Particular interest will be extended to projects on the above themes which encourage research, debate and promotion of U.S.-Slovenia cooperation

Priority will be given to projects that: (1) Demonstrate clear, sustainable, and innovative plans for obtaining matching funds and cost-sharing; (2) Use digital or traditional media to reach broad audiences; and (3) Serve traditionally undeserved populations.

Typically, grant awards range from $3,000 to $10,000.

Only registered Slovenian NGOs may apply. Projects must have a defined start and completion date. If a project is done in collaboration with another organization, please provide a letter of support/commitment from the partner institution.

New grantees will be given priority over previous grantees. Funding for NGO grants is decided through a competitive application process, and each proposal is reviewed by an internal embassy committee.

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