Call for Proposals: Gender Equality and the Environment [British Embassy – Prague]

Due Date: 25.10 2018. Organisations are invited to partner in delivering projects to promote progress in gender equality and sustainable environmental solutions in the Czech Republic. Proposals which will engage young future leaders in the fields of civil society, business and policy are particularly encouraged.

Successful proposals will look to: promote innovative and sustainable new practices and technical solutions; catalyse local network-building and the sharing of expertise; and embed knowledge of UK action on gender equality and sustainability.

Grant Range: up to £20,000 (~ CZK 600 000) maximum per project.

For the centenary year of UK-Czech diplomatic relations in 2019, the British Embassy in Prague is seeking to deepen its cooperation with Czech partners on two areas where British values and ingenuity are driving positive change: the promotion of gender equality and the search for sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

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