Call for Proposals: Nordic Culture Fund

Due Date: 1.10 2018. The Nordic Culture Fund supports projects that contribute to an innovative and dynamic artistic and cultural scene in the Nordic Region, one that is diverse, accessible and of high quality.

The Fund supports art and culture projects involving different Nordic countries. To qualify for funding, projects must involve Nordic relevance and co-operation, and further the development of art and culture. Applications are accepted from individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, associations and companies. Applicants do not need to live in the Nordic Region or be Nordic citizens.

The Fund does not finance:

  • projects outside of the arts and culture, e.g. sporting events
  • the production and distribution of products, if that is the sole or primary purpose of the project, e.g. music, film and television, computer games, book publishing and translations
  • tours, if they are not part of a wider-ranging Nordic co-operation
  • internships and school trips
  • individual or group participation in events (only the event organiser may seek funding for this purpose)
  • institutions’ operating costs, and the construction and acquisition of technical equipment for operational use
  • ongoing or already completed projects
  • bilateral co-operation, that does not have a broader Nordic content or target group

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