Call for Entries: Breaking Out of the Echo Chambers – Positive Action Challenges

Due Date: 4.10 2018. Positive Action Challenges are hosted by ViiV Healthcare, a funded innovation platform which engages a global community of problem solvers around the enduring gaps, unmet needs, and bottlenecks preventing the end of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic through collaborative innovation.

Breaking Out of the Echo Chambers: Innovative storytelling approaches via digital technology– including but not limited to social media channels– are sought for engaging targeted, hard-to-reach groups on issues related to HIV prevention, testing, care and/or stigma. Up to 3 winners will be selected to receive USD $10,000 per prize.

Entries must:

  • be people-centred and measurable in terms of impact on people’s lives
  • ensure privacy, demonstrate an ability to not perpetuate stigma and discrimination associated with HIV, and enhance active community participation in solution development
  • be replicated and adapted by others at low cost to ensure broader implementation and uptake as quickly as possible in similar settings
  • demonstrate how they can be scaled beyond pilot programmes to large scale responses that can be implemented at greater/national scale
  • demonstrate affordability (low-cost or no-cost to the end users) within resource-limited settings
  • demonstrate how they are implementable in the longer term (beyond the lifecycle of prize funding), using the resources that already exist or which can be incremental to existing service delivery
  • change the thoughts, processes and other barriers that prevent people living in resource limited settings from receiving the best care possible within the resources (financial and other) available, demonstrating a clear benefit to the people and systems targeted

The challenge is open to any individual applicant, group of individuals, or one or more public or private entities (including universities, academic institutions, not-for-profit entities and private sector organisations). There is no maximum team size. Each Applicant must assign at least one named team leader. If Applicant teams include members under 18 years of age, those members are required to submit a Parent Consent Form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Applicants may not be healthcare providers qualified to prescribe medicinal products or directly or indirectly influence the use of such products. In the event the Applicant is a governmental entity or a governmental employee, ViiV Healthcare reserves the right to conduct an evaluation to ensure Applicant’s eligibility with challenge rules and criteria.

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