Call for Proposals: Transnational Judicial Training Action Grants [EU]

Closing Date: 25.10 2018. Grant financing available for training projects to support staff in legal and judicial systems in the areas of civil law, criminal law, anti-money laundering, and fundamental rights. Projects will specifically focus on:

  1. Training Gaps for: (a) court staff and bailiffs and (b) prison and probation staff;
  2. Supporting the training of justice professionals towards a European legal culture across professional boundaries via: (a) seminars with easy linguistic access, (b) cross-border training activities for multipliers, and (c) training activities about the application of EU law with participants across judicial professions
  3. Facilitating the implementation of the Regulation establishing the European Public Prosecutor office (EPPO)

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased knowledge of EU civil, criminal and fundamental rights instruments among legal practitioners;
  • Improved mutual trust between legal practitioners in cross-border judicial cooperation;
  • Improved cooperation of training providers of the different legal professions;

Applicants and Partners must be public entities or private organisations established in EU Member States (not including Denmark or United Kingdom); or international organisations. For-profit entities must submit applications in partnership with public entities or private non-profit organisations.

Applications must be transnational and involve organisations from at least two participating countries. Grant requests must be at least EUR 30 000. Initial duration of proposed projects should not exceed 30 months.

Grants will not be retroactively awarded for already completed actvities. A grant may be awarded for an action which has already begun only where the applicant can demonstrate the need to start the action before the grant agreement is signed.

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