Call for Applications: Climate Change and Health Awards – Wellcome Trust

Due Date: 11.10 2018. Grants of £100,000 to £500,000 (up to 3 years) are available to researchers or research teams (up to 10 members) from anywhere in the world.

Focus Areas: (1) Developing tools, data sources and other resources to support research into climate change and health; (2) Assessing the health co-benefits of actions to mitigate climate change; (3) Assessing the health impacts of actions to adapt to climate change.

Applicants must be based at an academic research organisation, not-for-profit or government body, or a private sector organisation.

Proposals are especially encouraged which: (a) focus on low- and middle-income countries where the risks of climate change are highest; (b) encourage collaboration among different research disciplines; and/or (c) yield policy-relevant evidence that can help drive change.

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