Call for Proposals: Environmental Curricula Grants – Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation

Due Date: 2.10 2018. Open to schools, non-profits, governmental agencies and other entities (not individual persons) from around the globe.

Grants are designed to support educators in developing and implementing holistic environmental curricula that (a) integrate field activities and classroom teaching, and (b) incorporate basic ecological principles and problem solving.

The grants aim to empower and encourage students to become involved in solving environmental and social problems; to promote thoughtful and appropriate analysis and understanding of the natural world; and to train students as informed decision makers through the emphasis and application of basic ecological principles.

Environmental curricula must show a holistic approach; strive to synthesize multiple levels of learning; include experiential integrated learning and problem solving; be founded on basic scientific principles; incorporate basic ecological principles and field environmental activities within a primary or secondary school setting; present controversial issues objectively, stressing the development of individual student opinions.

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