Call for Proposals: “Strengthening the Legal Capacity of Local Communities”

Closing Date: 10.9 2018. Open to Ukrainian civil society organizations, the purpose of the competition is to strengthen the ability of local communities to address their development issues in a legal way.

Program Goals

  1. Support NGOs working with local communities in creating a system for providing free legal aid for community development;
  2. Provide legal support for change / development in local communities;
  3. Improve the process/procedure for providing free primary legal aid, expanding the options for available services;
  4. Ensure the systematic dissemination of legal information (particularly the work of local institutions / organizations providing initial legal assistance); involving local volunteers; and helping overcome the legal and social isolation of vulnerable social groups through the expansion of their access to justice;
  5. Establish a dialogue, through information exchange and joint events, among civil society organizations and local authorities to improve access to justice.

Priority Areas

  • stationary, outgoing and distance provision of primary legal aid (e.g. legal information, legal advice), registration and accounting of services provided, public reporting;
  • introduction of a systemic approach to community development through monitoring of local problems and development of development priorities, expert support of such processes by civil society organizations;
  • support for systematic cooperation with local governments on the dissemination of best practices in creating and supporting community-based models of providing free primary legal aid in accordance with the legal and legislative provisions;
  • development and strengthening of the institutional capacity of civil society organizations, local authorities and local self-government bodies in providing high quality and affordable legal services to the population;
  • cooperation with providers of legal aid coverage of institutions providing initial legal assistance, gathering and organizing information provided by legal aid, application of innovative technologies in the provision of such assistance.

Maximum amount per grant: 350 000 UAH. Projects will run 6-12 months. Preference will be given to project proposals based on local needs assessments; demonstrating expressed interest of, and planned collaboration with, local government; built upon existing free legal aid / legal services systems; utilizing strategic plans for organizational development. For-profit organizations, political parties, religious communities and individuals are not eligible.

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