Call for Proposals: Growth that Works for Everyone – Inclusive and Shared Prosperity in Ukraine

Due Date: 24.10 2018. Projects must contribute to enhanced economic prosperity for women, and the most vulnerable and marginalized people, living in Ukraine. Initial proposals must also focus on at least one of the following intermediate outcomes:

  • Enhanced economic security of rural women and the most vulnerable or marginalized, especially those affected by the conflict
  • Enhanced competitive, innovative and environmentally sustainable small and medium-sized enterprises for women and the most vulnerable or marginalized
  • Enhanced employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women and the most vulnerable or marginalized

Open to non-profit/non-governmental organizations and private sector entities legally registered and operating in Ukraine, Canada, or elsewhere. Applicants must demonstrate a minimum of two (2) years of experience managing a development project worth at least 75% of the total value of the proposed project in Ukraine and/or in a country of the former Soviet Union; with an established office on the ground; and working in the areas of economic empowerment, and/or gender equality and inclusion. [via Global Affairs Canada]

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