Letters of Interest: National Research Programme “Welfare and Coercion – Past, Present and Future” (NRP 76)

Due Date: 22.8 2018. Under the NRP 76 Second Call for Proposals, the Swiss National Science Foundation aims to analyse the characteristics, mechanisms and effects of Swiss welfare policy and practices in various contexts. Research projects should propose to fill research gaps in the following topic areas:

  • Interactions between non-state actors and the state;
  • Rights, proceedings, legal remedies;
  • Economic entanglements;
  • Transgenerational transmission of social, material and psychological disadvantages;
  • Removal of children and adoptions in coercive situations.

A budget of 2.5 million Swiss francs has been made available for this second call, to provide funding for six to eight projects.

Project teams should identify possible reasons for welfare practices that had an impact on the integrity of the persons affected, while exploring how they were affected by these practices.

Projects must also approach their research questions from a historical perspective, bearing in mind the challenges relating to present times; or else from a present-day perspective, while taking the historical dimension into account. Cross-cutting projects spanning more than one research focus are particularly welcome.


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