LIFE 2018 Call for Proposals: Preparatory Projects – Financial Instrument for the Environment

Closing Date: 20.9 2018. Support available for projects that address specific needs for the development and implementation of European Union policy and legislation on environmental or climate concerns.

The 2018 thematic focus areas:

  1. Grazing for wildfire prevention, ecosystem service provision, nature conservation and landscape management
  2. Effects of urban ecosystems and vegetation on urban air quality and urban temperature
  3. Improving support for the transition to circular economy in networks which engage innovation, regional and environmental agencies, philanthropy and financial market actors
  4. Providing support for Biodiversity Action in the EU’s Outermost Regions (Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Amazon and Macaronesian Regions)
  5. Capacity building for SME support organizations to boost their services for SMEs on circular economy, resource efficiency and eco-innovation

Proposals may be submitted by non-profit/non-governmental organisations, public bodies, and private sector entities legally registered in the European Union.

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