Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme 2018 | Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Applications due 31.7 2018. Open to Irish-based NGOs and civil society groups (including non-profit organisations, community groups and trade unions); academic institutions; and public bodies (include government departments, local authorities, Health Service Executive, universities and institutes of technologies, education and training boards, schools and semi-state bodies).

Thematic Priorities:

A. Intercultural Understanding and Diversity

  • Promote and enhance effective, positive intercultural relations, including the promotion of inter-faith dialogue;
  • Encourage active engagement with different groups in society;
  • Raise awareness of the impact of racism and related forms of intolerance;
  • Oppose and address racism and related forms of intolerance;
  • Promote pluralism and acceptance of differences, encouraging a culture of respect for freedom and dignity and understanding of human rights and equality in the State;
  • Articulate and promote an understanding of interculturalism and diversity in society based on human rights and equality.

B. Supporting the Implementation of the Public Sector Duty

  • Support rights holders to understand and vindicate their rights when accessing public services;
  • Support civil society capacity to engage with public bodies in relation to the implementation of the Public Sector Duty;
  • Promote effective working partnerships that empower civil society and public bodies to advance aspects of human rights and/or equality;
  • Ensure public bodies are more aware of their obligations to rights holders and more effectively held to account;
  • Support public bodies to identify and address specific or multiple human rights and/or equality issues of relevance to their work for people accessing their services and for staff;
  • Build capacity of public bodies to monitor aspects of equality and human rights compliance in service provision and in employment.