Call for Proposals: Capacity Building and Advocacy Grant Program for sustainable rural development in the Western Balkans

Closing Date: 17 December 2017. Civil society organisations (CSOs) in Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are eligible to submit applications for the Capacity Building and Advocacy initiative in one of the thematic areas of sustainable rural development:

  • LEADER and CLLD (Community Led Local Development) approaches;
  • Rural development;
  • Sustainable management of Natural resources;
  • Environment protection;
  • Social economy;
  • Innovation in socio-economic development;
  • Sustainable agriculture;
  • Diversification of economic activities in rural areas.

Courtesy: Network for Rural Development of Serbia; Development Foundation of Turkey; Network For Rural Development of Montenegro; Network for Rural Development of Macedonia; Network for Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Institute for Democacy and Mediation in Albania; Network of Organisation for Rurad Development of Kosovo; Croatian Rural Development Network and Latvian Rural Forum.

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