Active Citizen Fund: Systemic Grants (Czech Republic) [EEA and Norway Grants]

Submissions accepted until 4.11 2019. Financial support for civil society activities towards strengthening the process of sustainable systemic change. Grants will contribute to the long term efficient cooperation among civil society organizations with the focus on positive change in multiple areas.

Focus Areas: Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog roles; Vulnerable groups empowered; and Increased support for civic education and media literacy.

Grants Range: € 100 – 250 000. Project Duration: 3 to 4 years.

Eligible Applicants
Czech non-governmental organisations registered at least two years prior the submission deadline of the application.

This includes civic associations (spolek, ústav, obecně prospěšná společnost); foundations and endowment funds (nadace a nadační fond); and organization departments of church and religious societies (účelové zařízení registrované církve a náboženské společnosti) for non-religious actions; and interest associations of legal persons (zájmová sdružení právnických osob) if all members of the association are non-governmental non-profit organizations and individually fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Religious institutions (except charities), political parties, social partners or profit-distributing cooperatives (including trade- and professional associations, where the aims and purposes of the association is to further the specific interests of its members only) are not considered NGOs. Neither a sole proprietorship (in Czech “OSVČ”) nor a natural person is an eligible project applicant or partner.

Applicants must be directly responsible for the implementation of the project for which they are seeking a grant, and must not act merely as an intermediary of project activities.

The focus of organisation shall match programme areas (Active citizenship, Human rights, Social justice, Gender equality,

Eligible Project Partners
Partner organizations can be public or private entities; commercial, non-commercial or civil society organizations established as legal person in the Czech Republic, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland; or other beneficiary states of the EEA grants (namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia); or any international organisation or body or agency.

Informal voluntary, non-discriminatory public-interest groups of at least 3 individuals of local, regional and central government, public entities, political parties, religious institutions or commercial organisations may participate. These entities shall be represented by one single person, who signs the project Partnership Agreement on behalf of the group. An informal group cannot be the applicant for the project grant and cannot be direct recipient of the project grant (expenditure related to the involvement of the informal group shall be borne by the project promoter).

Partnership Types
Partner with a financial contribution – this type of partner receives part of the grant for the implementation of project activities through the project promoter based on conducted Partnership Agreement;

Partner without a financial contribution – this type of partner participates in the implementation of the project activities, e.g. through consultations, professional guarantees, etc., but is not granted with a financial contribution for participation in project implementation.

Partnership Principles
The goal of project partnerships is a narrow cooperation of various types of organizations each offering different experience and solutions to address the issues in the particular area (defined both regionally and thematically) within the project.

Partnership is a contractual relationship between two or more entities (public or private), which is based on shared responsibility for project implementation. Partne’s role in the project must be justified. Cooperation can´t be based on providing services or have the supply-receive character.

Applicant as well as partner must respect the principles of human dignity, liberty, human rights, rights of minorities, equality, democratic values and the rule of law.

Program coordinated by the Open Society Fund Prague and Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation on behalf of a consortium of the Active Citizens Fund.

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