Shaping Fair and Effective Migration Systems [European Programme for Integration and Migration]

Concept Notes due 11.10 2019. EPIM aims to support civil society organisations in shaping fair and effective migration systems by promoting humane and sustainable responses to irregularity. Specific focus manifestations are (1) the emergence of new forms of (de facto) detention, both inside and outside the EU territory, which are often characterised by a lack of transparency and adequate procedural safeguards; and (2) a continuing lack of alternative pathways for status resolution at national level.

Concept notes should address the following objectives, linked to at least one of the two above-mentioned manifestations:

  • Identify and challenge current gaps, which hamper fair and effective status resolution
  • Frame and promote alternative approaches to ensuring fair and effective status resolution

Civil society organizations – operating either at national or at EU level – are invited to propose project consortia with other CSOs, international organisations, academic institutions and/or public bodies operating at national and/or EU level in order to address the manifestations and objectives.

EPIM will review all concept notes and compile a shortlist. Shortlisted consortia will be invited to submit a full project proposal with a project budget of 200,000 EUR. The selected project should run for a timeframe of at least 24 months, starting in January 2020. EPIM may propose modifications to the composition of shortlisted consortia as appropriate.

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