American Arbitration Association-International Centre for Dispute Resolution Foundation

Grant Requests due 11.10 2019. The foundation supports the use and improvement of dispute resolution processes in the USA and internationally, The primary focus will be on innovative and replicable proposals that specifically focus on one or more of the following areas.

  1. Restorative justice
  2. Access to justice in arbitration
  3. ADR for vulnerable and underserved populations
  4. ADR for community focused dispute resolution
  5. Providing opportunities for dialogue in situations involving racial, ethnic and religious conflict

Priority will be given to grants that focus on restorative justice and access to justice in arbitration.

The Foundation remains committed to funding high-quality, innovative programs dedicated to mediation/other non-binding ADR processes and arbitration/other binding ADR processes. All proposals accepted must further the Foundation’s broader mission.

Average Grant Range: up to USD $25,000.

Grant Notice

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

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