Student Solidarity Award [Veolia Foundation]

Applications Due 30.4 2019. Prize encourages initiative taking by student associations focused on innovation in sustainable development within higher education establishments. Projects must be related to any of the Foundation’s main themes: (1) international development assistance; (2) social bonds and pathways towards employment; (3) protection of the environment and biodiversity.


  • Financial support in the form of a grant: depending on the requirements and specific features of each project, the jury shares a total grant of EUR 15,000 between the three winners. The grant to the first prize winner may be smaller than the one to the second and/or the third.
  • Technical support in the form of expertise, through the employee sponsorship program involving the employees of the Veolia group in France and internationally.

Not Eligible

  • Temporary projects (exhibitions, demonstrations, symposia, events), even if oriented toward outreach or environmental conservation
  • Artistic and cultural projects
  • Travel projects without any concrete objectives or achievement
  • Projects already completed before June 2017