Velux Foundations – Social Projects Internationally

Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis. The Foundations aim to improve vocational education and training for youth in Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Project activities taking place in one or more of the programme countries – Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia – are invited to apply.

Project Priorities

  1. Developmental, i.e. having a real development perspective and seeking to change and improve a specific vocational educational challenge.
  2. Systemic and exemplary, with ability to inspire other schools, organisations or the educational system by power of example.
  3. Innovative. Please note that we do not only support new innovative initiatives, but also initiatives that in other contexts have proved their worth in promoting long-term sustainable and systemic developments.
  4. Long-term, preferably with a project period of several years, allowing for necessary time to increase changes for success.
  5. Directly including young people in its activities. Youth as a target group must benefit directly from the project, even though the main goal is organisational or sectoral development.

The Foundations prioritise long-term social investments in projects with potential for positive systemic change. Project proposals should serve as examples of how to improve educational and employment opportunities for young people within these areas:

  • Model projects uniquely important for the continuous improvement of the vocational educational system, including work-based learning, recognition of prior learning, soft skills and high-level vocational training.
  • Mobility projects for students, teachers, managers and others who have significant influence on the content and framework of training programs and direction of their development. Mobility could be improved through partnerships and scholarships, exchanges and the sharing of new methods and content.
  • Projects developing initial vocational education and training (i-VET) as socially oriented efforts targetingat-risk youth who would benefit from educational support tailored to their needs.

Note: Applications with budgets of 500,000 EUR or more are preferred.