Internship Opportunities for Minority Language Media [EC Pilot Project]

Applications Due: 17.4 2019. The pilot project aims to provide media professionals working in minority languages the opportunity to undertake internships with leading European media outlets within the European Union, outside of their country of residence. This will enable them to gain a broader and more comprehensive understanding of different media and newsroom cultures; and for the media outlets to benefit from fresh perspectives.

Proposals may be submitted by: (1) a single entities or groups of entities; (2) non-profit organisations (private or public); (3) international organisations; (4) universities; (5) educational institutions; (6) research centres; and (7) profit making entities (e.g. media organisations).

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of the project under this call for proposals is estimated at EUR 500.000 (up to 80% of the total eligible costs). The Commission expects to fund 1 proposal; and reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available.

For the purposes of this call, a minority language is defined as any language used in an EU Member State that is not an official EU language of that Member State. While the vast majority of EU Member States have one official EU language.