2019 “Science to Solutions” Teams Funding [Science for Nature and People Partnership]

Proposals Due: 1.5 2019. SNAPP funds science that leads to rapid, tangible and enduring benefits to conservation and sustainable development. Teams of 12-20 people from diverse organizations gather for 3-4 collaborative sessions over the course of 24 months. These working groups conceive new ideas, synthesize data relevant to their work, and deliver rapid solutions to the most critical challenges facing humans and our planet. Between sessions, members collaborate remotely, work with long-term implementation partners, develop and test tools and products, and publish research.

(1) SNAPP welcomes proposals for working groups on all conservation / sustainable development topics.

(2) SNAPP also seeks to fund one or more urgent response working group proposals addressing critical questions at the intersection of climate, oceans and equity towards solutions which are pragmatic, feasible, quickly implementable, and widely applicable across the globe.

Both tracks are open to researchers and practitioners of any nationality affiliated with an academic, governmental agency, multilateral, or nonprofit institution. Individuals are also eligible to apply. Individuals from private sector institutions are fully eligible to be participants of a working group but are not eligible to lead SNAPP working groups as PIs.

Organizations and initiatives from the humanitarian and development sectors are encouraged to submit proposals. Proposals from low- and middle-income countries are especially welcomed.

SNAPP staff and program representatives will provide various support throughout the project, including:

  • Meeting travel, logistics and reimbursement support
  • Contract development support, as appropriate
  • General data analysis support provided by the SNAPP Scientific Programmer and data interns
  • Communications and outreach support, including in the development of a project webpage and promotion of resulting products
  • Working group and project management advice, as appropriate, informed by experience with successful working groups

Note: SNAPP funds are provided to convene working groups and, in some cases, to support salaries of postdoctoral fellows or research/technical assistants committed to specific projects. Funds cannot be used to cover salaries of Principal Investigators or other group members.