Piloting New Pathways to Migrant Case Resolution [European Programme for Integration and Migration]

Proposals Due 4.4 2019. Support for civil society organisations to encourage EU and national policy-makers to shift their focus from coercion-based migration control (returns, detention, deterrence) towards solution-focused systems aimed at less irregularity.

Conceptual Scope

  • Develop capacity and expertise to implement case management and become key actors in the promotion of case management-based ATD vis-à-vis authorities, other CSOs and the general public;
  • Generate new qualitative and quantitative data regarding the effectiveness of case management-based ATD, and contribute to advocacy and communications at regional level through the ATD Network;
  • Constructively engage authorities and other relevant stakeholders through solution-based advocacy and promote the wider use of case management-based ATD in national migration systems in order to reduce irregularity on an effective, non-coercive basis.

Lead applicants must be registered charities or non-profit organisations in an EU member state. National/regional chapters of international civil society organisations are eligible applicants as well. Partner organisations can, but do not need to be, registered in the European Union.

Grants Range: up to EUR 120,000. Project Duration: at least 24 months.

Projects must follow an engagement-based case management approach. Only a combination of service provision with advocacy and communications-focused activities will be supported.

Applications for stand-alone trainings and conferences, or individual academic study/research/ travel are not eligible. Funds cannot be provided for physical capital projects.

Partnerships are encouraged but not required. Partners can be public bodies or other civil society organisations who are (co-)responsible for the development/implementation of activities as part of the project.