Call for Entrepreneurs: Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Applications accepted year-round on a rolling basis. The search is on for social enterprises — non-profit, for-profit and hybrid organizations — that can expand enough to directly benefit a large number of beneficiaries and impart enough momentum to influence broader systems that encumber progress. Exceptional entrepreneurs who exhibit characteristics of extraordinary leadership (vision, intelligence, influence, ambition, discretion and follow-through) are encouraged to apply. Open to both U.S. and international organizations.

Funding Priorities

  • Leaders tackling important social issues that can make a difference in the lives of many.
  • Models that have the likelihood to be able to scale.
  • Social enterprises in the early stages of their development where DRK involvement (financial, as a board member and through other support) can make a real difference.
  • On average, organizations are 1-3 years old and the leader is prepared to execute an ambitious plan.
  • Social enterprises that are national or global in reach and/or social issue.

Funding Priorities

Selection Process

Application Instructions