Social Media and Democracy Research Grants [Social Science Research Council]

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Grants should examine the impact of social media and related digital technologies on democracy and elections, generate insights to inform policy at the intersection of media, technology, and democracy, and advance new avenues for future research.

Researchers whose proposals are selected for support will receive research funding via the Social Science Research Council and access to Facebook data via Social Science One. Funding requests may not exceed USD $50,000 inclusive of any institutional indirect costs, which may not exceed 15% of the award amount. Grant amounts vary depending on the proposal.

Grants are intended to support the principal investigator, as well as his or her research team, if relevant. Awards provide support for up to 12 months of access to specific Facebook data, subject to the terms and conditions outlined for each dataset. Access may be renewed following terms outlined at time of award.

Open to university researchers (or collaborative teams that include scholars from elsewhere, so long as the PI is a university-affiliated researcher) who holds a PhD in a relevant discipline Research projects shall not be funded if their primary goal is to aid in the election or defeat of certain candidates or parties. Proposals must be submitted in English.