NextWorldNow Community Investments

Notifications of Interest Due: 31.3 2019. Community-based efforts are invited to submit proposals for projects requiring modest capital. Funded projects are owned by the local community, whose social impact and return on investment can be measured, and whose success can be sustained. The aim is to discover and apply best practice social investment models on a small scale and personal level. There are no restrictions on country location.

Focus Areas: Civic Participation, Education, Effective Development, Environmental Mediation (Water, Sanitation, Deforestation), Health Care Access and Treatment, Human Rights, Peace and Human Security, Shelter, Smallholder Productivity and Food Security, Sustainable Markets/Livelihood

At least one USD $10,000 grant will be made to a selected project. This amount may be shared with a single project or multiple projects. Subject to continued funds, the process will be repeated each year through 2024.

Note: The review and grant determination process will be available for other interested parties and organizations who may recommend projects, participate in the review process and direct their personal contributions within the options that have been reviewed.