Mobility First! Cultural Mobility Initiative [Asia-Europe Foundation]

Due Date: 30.4 2019. Travel grant program for artists and cultural professionals. Priority is placed on cultural mobility from Asia to Europe; from Europe to Asia; and, within Asia. All travel must be international.

Mobility First! supports a wide variety of activity types (workshop/training, conference/forum, festival/biennale, residencies, partnership meetings, research trips, short-term exploration/networking) with particular focus on these areas:

  • Skills transfer / knowledge exchange
  • Innovation in arts & culture
  • Local development
  • Art and social issues: the role of art & artists in society

Grant amounts (maximum caps)

  • Asia to Europe and vice-versa: SGD 2,000
  • Australia/New Zealand to Europe and vice-versa: SGD 2,300
  • Russia to Europe and vice-versa: SGD 1,000
  • Intra-Asia: SGD 1,000

Eligible nationalities and destinations are Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) partner countries.

Application for Individuals

Application for Arts Organisations