Do you guarantee fundraising success every time?

Fundraising, development, and strategy planning are an investment of time, energy, and resources to improve an organization’s position. All investments involve some degree of risk and uncertainty.

Good consultants cannot — and should not — guarantee successful results every time. This is especially true before a consultant meets with a client to understand their needs, their concerns, and their challenges.

Good nonprofit development and strategy consultants bring their experience, perspectives, and skills to ensure clients are able to utilize proven tools and methods that have delivered effective results in previous contexts. Good consultants also use lessons learned from past failues to help clients avoid mistakes towards better outcomes.

At Business English for NGOs, we are honest and open with our clients about what we can do for them; what we cannot do for them; and what is necessary to reach their desired outcomes.

Sometimes we are not the right choice for a client. In these instances, we are happy to suggest or recommend other options from other providers which are more appropriate.