Call for Proprosals: Microsoft PhD Scholarship Programme in EMEA

Due Date: 8.10 2018. Each year, PhD supervisors from academic institutions in the EMEA region are invited to submit their proposals for collaborative research projects with Microsoft Research Cambridge. Applications are then peer reviewed and a number of projects selected for funding.

PhD students are appointed to the selected projects and begin their research in the following academic year under the supervision of their academic supervisor, with co-supervision from a researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Research Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Infrastructure for the Cloud, The Future of Work, Biological Computation.

Priority Interests: Machine Learning for Healthcare, Optics in the Cloud, Confidential Computation, Designing AI for Human Partnership

Applications must not be made by students but by PhD supervisors, who must have been nominated by Microsoft Research prior to the submission deadline. If their project is selected, the supervisor has until 31 March 2020 to find the best possible student for the project; otherwise, the PhD Agreement will be terminated automatically.

Only applications from institutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be considered. Diversity in the workforce and pipeline of future researchers is encouraged.

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