Open Call: SEA Foundation – AiR Tilburg Residency Program 2019 – 2020

Closing Date: 15.10 2018. Residencies of up to 3 months available to artists, curators, and writers in all stages of their careers, who seek balance among flexibility, stability, self-directed approaches, and a guided environment in which to thrive.

Applicants, ages 25 and older, from different cultural and geographic backgrounds are encouraged to apply from the disciplines of visual arts, curating, art critique, art theory, artistic research, sculpture, media arts, music, literature, textile, graphic design, architecture, drawing & painting.

  • For Artists: Residencies are intended for contemporary artists of all disciplines, with specialized training, recognition amongst their peers, and a history of public presentation of their work in a professional context. Residents are expected to produce new work or develop their research with some form of a future public outcome (e.g. public exhibition, lecture, event, workshop or artist’s book).
  • For Curators: Residencies provide time and space to develop independent projects. Networking opportunities and career guidance are included, based on individual interests and professional practices. Concepting an event or curating an exhibition within the realm of SEA Foundation and the region is a possible outcome as well.
  • For Writers: Residencies facilitate art critics, cultural theorists, as well as research-orientated writers, and poets with an interested in writings connected to arts.
  • Candidates must submit a project proposal which encompasses a solid plan for development and production during their fellowship period, and be willing to participate within the rhythm, the open participative atmosphere and the artistic challenge within the artist-led institute. Up to 8 residents per year will be selected.

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