Call for Applicants: Harvard-Newcomen Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Business History [Harvard Business School]

Closing Date: 15.10 2018. Since 1949, the Fellowship has provided a residency, study, and research opportunity for scholars who, within the last ten years, have received a Ph.D. in history, economics, or a related discipline. The recipient spends a year in residence working on his or her research project and participating in the School’s various activities in business history. A travel fund and a book fund will be provided.

Fellows can research and write a case study, under the direction of a senior faculty member, to be used in one of the business history courses. Fellows might also organize a research conference under the auspices of the Business History Initiative, or assist the Initiative’s ongoing projects in other ways. Fellow are also strongly encouraged to submit an article to Business History Review during their residency.

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