Call for Proposals: Camargo Core Program

Closing Date: 17.10 2018. The Camargo Core Program offers time and space in a contemplative environment to think, create, and connect. By supporting groundbreaking research and experimentation, it contributes to the visionary work of artists, scholars and thinkers in the Arts and Humanities. By encouraging multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, it intends to foster connections between research and creation. Both open-ended exploration, or more focused works and long-term research projects, are welcome.

Residencies of 6-11 weeks are available on the Camargo Foundation campus in Cassis, France. The buildings and grounds include thirteen apartments, a reference library, a music-conference room, a composer studio, a visual art studio, and an outdoor amphitheater.

During the residency, discussions are held regularly so that each Fellow has the opportunity to present the project or area of inquiry to the group. These project discussions serve as an opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange. All Fellows are required to be present at these discussions.

Camargo Foundation staff will also provide formal and informal links with the region, meetings with professionals whose areas of expertise are relevant for the Fellow, opportunities to attend events, and the option of inviting outside professionals to project discussions. On a voluntary basis, Fellows have the opportunity to present their work within cultural and educational organizations in the region.

Applications from all countries and nationalities are encouraged. Each year, 18 fellows (9 artists and 9 scholars/thinkers) will be selected. Collaborative teams (1-3 people), as well as translators, are also eligible to apply.

A stipend of USD $250 per week is available, as is funding for basic transportation to and from Cassis for the Fellow for the residency. In the case of air travel, basic coach class booked far in advance is covered.