Call for Nominations: 2018 Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship (SARF)

Nominations Due: 24.10 2018. Since 2007, the program has provided outstanding visual artists from across the world with a unique opportunity to work with Smithsonian museums, research sites, collections, and scholars to conduct research that inspires new artwork.

Fellows represent visual artists with a (1) demonstrated record of artistic accomplishment; (2) strong exhibition history beyond their home regions; (3) ability to create a strong research proposal that utilizes Smithsonian specific resources; and (4) independent, self-reliant, flexible, collaborative spirt.

Fellows are expected to spend their Fellowships in residence at the Smithsonian conducting research with Smithsonian staff and using Smithsonian resources following a project schedule agreed to by the Smithsonian advisor(s).

Stipends of up to USD $4,500 per month are available, and will be prorated accordingly with respect to a Fellow’s exact length of tenure. Smithsonian Artist Research Fellows must secure their own housing.

SARF fellowships are explicitly for artist research and do not require recipients to create or exhibit artwork. Consequently, studio space is not provided.

Research allowances of up to USD $2,000 may be available for the artist to purchase research equipment or materials necessary for the Fellowship, as well as any travel related specifically to a Fellow’s research.

Travel allowances, exclusively for a Fellow’s one-time relocation cost, may also be provided. Fellows who elect to split their appointment into multiple trips, will be responsible for covering their additional travel costs.

NOTE: Nomination forms must be provided in advance of application submissions. Full applications are due by 15 January 2019. Applicants must independently secure both their own nominations, and a Smithsonian advisor.

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