Call for Applications: Digital Earth Fellowships

Due Date: 19.8 2018. Digital Earth is a fellowship program, hosted from September 2018 until February 2019, for artists and designers based in Africa or Asia. It encourages creatives across the spectrum of media to embark on a journey to examine, challenge and respond to the material and immaterial condition of our current technological reality. The program offers a unique research support programme, enabling experienced artists to reflect, research, experiment and produce work within a specific place, context or institution. Up to 15 fellows will be selected.

Program Amenities

  1. Stipend to enable research, experimentation and to produce work in a specific geographic location in Africa or Asia, for 6 months (exact amount based on the cost of living specific to the country in which the research will take place).
  2. Access to research and production infrastructure including a network of researchers, (online) theory and practice courses, research institutes, exhibition venues, creative hubs, art biennales, residencies and companies
  3. Mentors to support research, engaged from a community of internationally-renowned artists, designers and researchers
  4. Opportunities to exchange practices with other fellows online
  5. Exhibition of final works and research findings in a roaming exhibition during 2019 or 2020.

Organizations that will provide webinars, workshops and residencies include: British Council, Hivos, Ashkal Alwan, Electric South, Global Media Technologies & Cultures Lab MIT, Kër Thiossane, Strelka and The New Center for Research and Practice, and more TBA.