Art Omi: Music Residency (Hudson Valley, New York)

Applications Due 2.1 2020. Art Omi: Music invites approximately a dozen musicians and composers from around the globe to come together for two and a half weeks each summer for a uniquely collaborative music making residency. 2020 Residency Dates: 13-30 August.

Open to individual composers and sound-makers working in all genres and from all backgrounds from all over the world. Participants are encouraged to share ideas, perform each other’s works, and write music for one another, while exploring their own musical vision and broadening their artistic and cultural horizons. Informal concerts invite the public to experience the creative process, collaboration and development of the residents.

Art Omi provides accommodations, meals, and campus-wide high-speed wi-fi throughout the duration of all residencies. In addition, residents share a fully-equipped kitchen, on-site laundry facilities, a library, and a basic computer (internet + printing access only, no software use) in the library. Art Omi also provides all blankets, towels, and bedding. Housekeeping staff launders all linens using perfume-free detergent on a regular basis.

Through a competitive jury process, residents are chosen, invited to attend at no cost to themselves, except travel. Abundant, catered meals and comfortable, beautiful lodgings are provided in a scenic location in Columbia County, New York. Art Omi is two hours north of New York City by train.

Art Omi does not provide personal laptops or electronic devices, or art materials.