Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study – Fellowship Program (Humanities, Social Sciences, Creative Arts) [Harvard University]

Apply by 12.9 2019. Program annually awards fellowship grants to exceptional individuals whose work is making a difference in their fields and the larger world. The Program awards 50 fellowships each academic year. Candidates do not need to be affiliated with an academic institution to be eligible. Candidates may apply as individuals or in a group of two to three people working on the same project.

Fellows will receive a stipend of USD $77,500, an additional USD $5,000 to cover project expenses, and the opportunity to step away from their usual routines and dive deeply into a project. Fellows also convene regularly throughout the year to share their work in progress.

Candidates must have received their doctorate (or appropriate terminal degree) in the area of their proposed project at least two years prior to their appointment as a fellow; and have published a monograph or at least two articles in refereed journals or edited collections.

The following areas, while not exclusive, are of special interest:

  • Applications from scholars and practitioners who connect research to law, policy, pressing social issues, and/or who seek to actively engage audiences beyond academia
  • Women, gender, and society and/or interests drawing upon the Schlesinger Library’s rich collections.  In 2020–2021, one fellow will be designated a Mellon-Schlesinger fellow, as part of the project commemorating the centennial of the 19th Amendment 

Diversity is sought along many dimensions, including discipline, career stage, race and ethnicity, country of origin, gender and sexual orientation, and ideological perspective. Although fellows come from many different backgrounds, they are united by their demonstrated excellence, collegiality, and creativity.


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