International Youth Activist Camp 2019 in Berlin [Young Utopians]

30 young activists from all over the world, as well as 30 young utopians from Berlin, will come together to work on realizing a utopia of democracy, sustainability and universal equality. The 2019 camp will be hosted 21-31 July 2019 in Berlin (Kreuzberg) – Germany. International teams, guided by other activists and inspired by successful initiatives, will develop 10 tangible, innovative projects.

Open to young activists (18-28 years old), fluent in English, and eager to to be an active part of an international youth movement. People from all social backgrounds are encouraged to apply. All natural persons are happily accepted, regardless ethnicities, gender, sexuality or any other background. Apply By 10.4 2019 (international participants) or 10.5 2019 (local Berlin/Germany participants).