URGO Mentorship Program for Medical Tech Startups

Apply by 30.4 2019. Year-long program created for medical device start-ups that need guidance from industrial partners in order to succeed in the development and launch of its innovation.

Open to medical device products/services for (a) aesthetic or plastic medicine, (b) advanced wound care, (c) compression & vascular therapy, (d) tissue engineering & cellular therapy, and (e) digital health, connected devices in healthcare.

Applicants must have: (1) a prototype or minimum viable product; (2) strong differentiation compared to existing solutions; (3) IP protection; (4) clinical proof of concept (preclinical studies and/or case studies); and (5) an expected Time-to-Market of less than 5 years.

Mentorship will happen in the form of meetings that can take place in Paris / Dijon in France or via phone/video conferencing. For the preselected start-ups, a Demo Day will take place in Paris, in June 2019.

NOTE: During the program, URGO Group and the Start-up could benefit from their proximity and potentially sign a strategic partnership beyond the mentorship program (equity investment, co-development, licensing agreement, etc.)