Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • So are you an English language teacher or a translator?

    There are many great teachers who excel in helping individual students to achieve comprehensive mastery of the English language. There are many great translators and professional translation services that offer comprehensive English language solutions for various needs and interests. We are not teachers or translators. Instead, we work primarily with social impact leaders and teams…


  • What are your program strategy services?

    In a world full of opportunities, your social impact organization serves as a catalyst for meaningful transformation. Our tailored program strategy services are designed to guide you towards even greater success. We don’t just offer guidance – we help fuel your mission forward with insights and support tools. We work together with your team and…


  • What are your capacity building services?

    Collaborating with visionary founders, dynamic leadership teams, and forward-thinking boards of directors, we elevate the holistic prowess and impact of your social impact organization. Our expertise empowers internal stakeholders to skillfully identify challenges and harness opportunities, fostering a connected culture of shared success and collective growth. More


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